About Artery ♥

Pumping out art from the heart, Artery offers eclectic vintage jewelry, rare retro finds, rustic handmade home décor, original art & gift ideas. As a curator & creator, Artery reflects my diverse passions in life. The collections & creations strive to communicate a connection to the past, a reverence for nature & a respect for all that is uniquely individual & endearingly quirky.

I find communion in nature & appreciate bringing the outdoors indoors with my rustic handmade designs. My creative inspiration is energized by spending time on the driftwood covered shores of Lake Erie constructing summer shacks & sculptures from the unique collection of natural driftwood that washes up with the tide. I try to incorporate nature into my work, which is especially visible in the Drift Collection. To me having a blend of natural elements in the home creates a timeless beauty.

As a curator, one of my favorite things to do is uncover hidden forgotten treasures found in the backs of dusty antique shops & cluttered vintage markets. I love how vintage carries a history with it & I like to recycle & repurpose retro finds to continue their story. I embrace rare pieces that stand out for their eclectic, quirky interest because, like people, it is that individuality which makes them truly endearing. I like wondering about who the vintage pieces belonged to before me & if they had a voice, what they would tell me about their former owners & their adventures together. That is a charm that can only be found in vintage.

As a maker, I appreciate that arts & crafts can speak to people in so many different languages. I started Artery as a way to share my own passions with others. The inventory changes as I change & I’m always eager to create custom orders. I enjoy doing pop up shops where I live but appreciate the broad reach that the global online market can have. It is inspiring to share my humble but heartfelt collections & creations with all of you. I hope that you will find something special that speaks to your heart in Artery’s arsenal of affordable goods.

Thank you for your interest.